The Oracle

Happy Valentine's Week! I now offer, as a gift to the world, The Oracle!

Never was there a greater love story than that of The Oracle, The Old Maid, and Martin! Up yours James Cameron and Bill Shakespeare. 

This Short was written by the great and deranged Ellen Warkentine, my main cohort in the band Sex! Money! Power! And it was Directed by myself and Matt Maguire. It almost has this odd German Expressionism meets early Hollywood Short thing going on. Although one of the composite shots with the Oracle and the harp was specifically inspired by the 1928 Fall of the House of Usher.

 I love Silent Film. I really believe that you can learn everything you need to know about creating visual comedy by watching the work of Charlie Chaplin.  I know that this clip isn't from one of Chaplin's Silents, but the fluidity of the movement and camera, mixed with the accentuations of the Score, clearly this is a master of Silent Cinema. 


And the great thing is that the techniques and ideas behind Silent Film will never die. In Silent Film one has to rely on Composition, Visual Elements and Music to successfully tell a story. Gee, that sounds a lot like George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. But really though, I think sometimes modern filmmakers forget how vital Composition is. As Directors and Filmmakers, besides collaborating with actors to make characters come to life, our job is essentially based around proper and unique Composition. There's so much to making a Film that I think it's easy to forget that sometimes. You can take your superheroes and boring visual effects, but when it comes to looking for inspiration I'll stick to my Chaplin if you don't mind.