Mr.Pimmon A PADloc PSA

Space Barbarians Productions is honored to work with the terrific "Wheres Your PADloc Global Campaign" an organization that seeks to increase public awareness on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and strive to raise the survival rate from a staggering 7% to 14% by 2016.

For the campaign we created the PSA "Mr. Pimmon" a story of an ad campaign pitch gone terribly wrong.

Now if you gave that a watch and know anything about medicine you are of course aware that we really misrepresented what happens when an individual goes through Cardiac Arrest , luckily we recently hired the world renowned TV Physician "Dr.Greyhouse" to solve all of our problems and to clarify the mistakes of the filmmakers. So now go ahead and give the "Mr. Pimmon with Dr. Greyhouse Annotations" a watch. It's Info-tainment at its finest!