Sex! Money! Power!

We know what you desire...

  Sex! Money! Power! A name that conjure up old Vaudeville songs, evil Puppet overlords, and scenes from the federal theater project of the 1930s. What do you mean, no? Well it does now! 

  Sex! Money! Power! is a new dadaist, vaudeville-cult started by the great Ellen Warkentine and myself. You may or may not know our collaboration from the Off-Broadway hit "Lolpera", I created a lot of the video material for the show. I mean, it was Off-Broadway at an awesome theater in Brooklyn and the audience was "hit" with a blend of opera, cat pictures and futuristic tragedy. I think Off-Broadway Hit applies. 

Sex! Money! Power! now boasts a fantastic horn section, tap-dancing and an incredible violin player. We are also lorded over by an ancient evil, as old as the wind, that resides in the body of a Charlie MCcarthy puppet! His name is Mr.Mister and he is a real peach. In fact he is the host of our brand new Podcast, Sex! Money! Power!-The Podcast. Check it out and subscribe for more of the madness! 

So please subscribe to it and stay tuned for much more madness to come. Also, below is some more info and material on Sex! Money! Power!

Meet Sex! Money! Power!

December Show at Casa

Every second friday of the month we play a strange and bizarre show at Casa. Casa is a fine establishment in Costa Mesa and we pride ourselves on filling the joint with original and out of date Vaudeville tunes as well as torturing the audience to the point of madness  with our "Sketches". Here's a video from the December show, "Saturnalia and the Black Metal Christmas Carol".

The First Show

And finally here's a couple of videos we created for our first show ever at Clancy's in Long Beach. These were simpler times for sure! Long before Mr.Mister decided to trade up his body for a much bigger one with horribly large and grotesque hands.