First Location Scout of 2015

Music Film Series Coming in 2015

"I can't carry the ring, but I can carry this camera and try to find a totally sweet location to shoot a Dark Celtic Fairy with a fair amount of blood, sound cool?"-Sam Gamgee

Greetings interwebs. I just got back from a long day of trudging through canyons, climbing over "shire-esque" hillsides and searching for dark and twisted Elven grottos for the next project I'm working on with Joy Shannon of Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks.  The music video "Mabon" from Joy's conceptual Album "Mo Anam Cara" is going to be a frosty, blood-soaked delight that in a way will pick up where we left off in "Midsummer Witch Hunt" in the sense that it is another type of historical fiction. This time however instead of being based on Malin-Matsdotter this video is based on a Celtic goddess and a ancient Celtic Holiday.

So off to the hills and Canyon's of Southern-California we went and didn't exactly find what we were looking for today but we did find a really stunning location as you can see in the photos below. Lush and green and bathed in the perfect soft, silvery light,  it was pretty much as far away from the dark, forest grotto we are looking for but it was quite nice looking and got our creative wheels turning. The location will not be used for "Mabon" but we are planning on using it for the "Springtime" short film. Yes, that is right, the Springtime Short Film, because the biggest revelation of the day is that we are indeed going to make multiple Musical Films for Joy's new album. "Mo Anam Cara" is a concept album about the ancient Celtic Calendar and because there is so much story involved in the record we came up with the idea to make an entire series of films to accompany the album. I hesitate to call them music videos. I'm not being totally pretentious here either,  there is a major difference in what we are looking to do and what your average music video is. Where music videos usually just have the band looking cool the intention of these narrative short films is to really act as a companion piece to Joy's new record and to assist in telling the story of the ancient Celtic Calendar and the Goddesses that populated the ancient Celt's world. There is so much pre-production that goes into these videos, we location scout, make concept art and have a full crew on hand when we shoot so hence the reason why I call them Short Films or Musical Films.

Okay, that sounds totally pretentious... But whatever, you get the point! Stay tuned for more information on the creation of the Short Films for "Mo Anam Cara" and eventually how you can help us achieve this vision. 


Location Scout January 7th, 2015