the superstitious World of Dean Poontz

Last week turned out to be very interesting. I learned pretty late in the week that OC Weekly was sending me to cover a Friday the 13th Anti-Superstition event, and so I started scrambling to find the perfect host for the piece. As luck would have it, I learned that one of my favorite Horror  Author's, Dean Poontz, was going to be in town for one weekend only! I got in contact with his Agent, Dianna, who I have to say sounded quite like the great man himself doing an imitation of what I believe was supposed to be a women? Either way, she told me that Mr.Poontz would meet me in the parking lot of a Chic-Filet in West Covina, I was also told to bring and enlightened mind as well as my own preferred condiments.

To make a long story short, after talking with the great man in his 1973 Oldsmobile for over three hours, I finally convinced him to cover the Anti-Superstition event for three-chicken sandwiches and a room at the Howard Johnson's in Fullerton so he could have some privacy while writing his new novel, "Nipsy The Eels guide to A Hellish Life", an "autobiography" written by his pet Moray Eel, Nipsy

Dean Poontz is a huge influence to practically every modern Horror Author. Stephen King recently had this to say about the great man:

Is that the mustache guy that keeps rifling through our garbage? I mean, Jesus, he scared the hell out of my wife and I.
— Stephen King


His groundbreaking 50 part Brenda Jones series is as creative as it is tedious. And who could forget the time he made front headlines in 2011 because of this infamous incident!

A few Poontz-Tastic novels from the Poontz-iverse, written by Dean Poontz.

A few Poontz-Tastic novels from the Poontz-iverse, written by Dean Poontz.

In the past we have even been lucky enough to have Dean star in a few of our videos, and hopefully there are many more to come. That is if he settles his debts with those enraged loan sharks in time... I'm talking about actual sharks, by the way. His last trip to the Caribbean was... eventful.