2016 Update

Good lord, it's already 2016 and I have neglected this blog like an unwanted child kept in the attic. Yes, I know he only eats fish heads, but he can be quite charming and useful! Before I get started into the new year, if you haven't already, please take a look at the Space Barbarians Productions 2016 Reel, which is really more of a 2015 retrospective; 

It's been a good year of filmic mayhem. I Directed more Music Videos than I ever thought I would, an awesome Horror TV Show proof of concept, and developed some scripts that I'm really excited about. So, let's go, 2016!

Beauty Marks

Next month I'm shooting a new music video for Joy Shannon & The Beauty Marks. The video is for the song "Mabon", and it's based off of the Celtic Goddess "Airmid" who was said to be able to bring people back from the dead with her song. What a cool idea. We previously worked together on the music video Midsummer Witch Hunt, and this new video will have a similar dark aesthetic, albeit with a bit more color. You can check out the promo video for the project that features a selection of original artwork by Joy;

We're going to be filming at a beautiful location and I'm quite excited! 

Dana Sparrow

Speaking of beautiful locations... Dana Sparrow and myself took some lovely photos earlier this month to promote her new Midwinter EP; "Aether".  

We also wandered into the woods one magical afternoon and shot a promotional video for her Fall EP; Roots.

I'm sure Dana Sparrow and myself will be creating much more exciting content this year, so stay tuned for that! 

Jo Saturnalia! 

One of the final projects of 2015 was with Sex! Money! Power! , the Mystic Vaudeville troop of crazy people that I play music with and write songs for. Ellen Warkentine, my co-conspirator in the group, wrote a song about the Roman holiday Saturnalia, and we decided that it needed to be a music video! I mean because the kids love Saturnalia, am I right? The video was co-directed by myself and good friend/collaborator, Matt Maguire. It mixes two of my obsessions together, Gods and Business Culture. Two things that I know everyone always puts in the same category. 

And just in case you are craving some more Bob Apples, which I know you are, then check out this promo video for Saturnalia that features content we didn't use in the final cut. 

Welcome to the Future

There's lots of exciting projects planned for 2016, and I'm sure quite a few unexpected ones that will show up! Timmy Red and I are working hard on some great new scripts, there will be new sections to this website, and lots of smaller videos this year. Also, I will be Directing my first full length show in the Theatre this year.  That's pretty exciting, and a bit unexpected. The Garage Theatre, a great group based in Long Beach, just hired me to Direct a play in their 2016 season. Can't wait to share what it is! But, it is a very good fit for me and one I'm looking forward to working on. 

Thanks for stopping by, please come back!