Matt Kollar-Writer/Director (IMDB)


Matt Kollar has a diverse background in film and music. His career thus-far has ranged from releasing records with his musical group Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob, making his way as a Film-Editor, writing and recording Original Film Score and of course making movies of all shapes and sizes with budgets of all shapes and sizes. Many of Matt’s talents can be seen on display in Bobcat Goldthwait’s 2012 Dark Comedy “God Bless America”. Matt edited and created all of the shows that actor Joel Murray watches in the movie and his Original Score for the picture has gathered critical acclaim and is listened to on a daily-basis by people all over the world

While Directing and Writing is Matt’s speciality he also uses his skills as a film editor to head the Space Barbarians Productions Post-Production team. He is a Scorpio and has watched Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive" AKA "Braindead" and sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" more than should be humanly or humanely possible.


Colin Walker-Writer/Producer

Colin Walker was born on a small, blue-green planet somewhere on the edge of the spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way.  Growing up on a healthy diet of science, skepticism, and heaps of sci-fi and fantasy, it was no surprise that he spent the better part of his childhood convinced that he was a robot.  

After spending some time living abroad in Wales, learning, writing numerous stories and musical compositions, participating in sketch comedy and exploring the land of Doctor Who, Colin decided to turn his attention to writing screenplays and novels and putting those stories on the screen.

Colin has a vast and imaginative talent for writing and storytelling with a passion for creating stories that are touching and sentimental but never overdramatic.

Recently Colin has co-penned with Matt the screenplay for the acclaimed short "The Valiant Monster Hunters" (2013), he also has written the screenplay for the new Space Barbarians Productions project "The Black Rock Mountain", an animation collaboration between Charles Pieper and SBP and is currently developing a couple of new and exiting television series as well as Feature Films with Matt for Space Barbarians Productions.