Episode 1: The Granny Factory

Suspenseful Shadows Title_Wide00000.jpg

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Greetings friends! We are very pleased to share with you the first episode of Suspenseful Shadows season 1! Written by the reclusive horror author, Aleister Griddle, Suspenseful Shadows is a Horror Podcast in the style of the old audio plays of the 1940s. 

These episodes are a labor of love. They feature a full-cast with original score and sound effects throughout the entire episode. I very much hope you enjoy!

Directed by Matt Kollar,

Written by Colin Walker, Matt Maguire, and Matt Kollar

Post-Production by Sneakthief Media

Original Score by Matt Kollar

Mortician Murray Theme by: Brian Kelly


Father Michael - Timmy Red

Little Billy - Nori Tecosky 

Mom - Anna Kate Mohler

Dad - Stephen Frankenfield

Mr. Cline - Sumner Leveque 

Granny - Alie Nelson

Granny 2.0 - Matt Kollar 

Detective Lineman - Matt Maguire 

Cop 1 - Timmy Red

Cop 2 - Mario Mendez