Current Projects

The wind whistles through the bare branches of an old oak tree while the moon peeks out from behind a shroud of clouds. Somewhere nearby a wolf howls into the deepening night – Halloween it would seem, is at Hand. What better way to celebrate such a creaking, creeping holiday than to turn the lights down low and huddle around your Bluetooth speakers and listen to one of the ookiest and spookiest podcasts you will ever encounter.

                From the twisted minds at Space Barbarians productions and with the help and blessings of the eccentrically reclusive and prolifically insane horror writer Alister Griddle, you are invited to enter a world of macabre horror beyond your wildest dreams. Step through the darkness and away from the light and enter a realm ruled by The Suspenseful Shadows! Be the first on your block to hear this spooktacular radio drama performed by professional actors and guaranteed to scare the living something or other out of you.

Episode 1 The Stranger

Sam Peppercorn is one of the best Kitchen Knife Salesman in the business, but his career takes a terrifying turn towards the Suspenseful Shadows when he meets a mysterious Stranger in a diner.

Mo Anam Cara (Music Video Series)

In Spring of 2015, Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks released an album called "Mo Anam Cara" which follows the ancient Celtic calendar, with a song for every seasonal holiday. Now, with the filmmaking and design team who brought you the Beauty Marks' music video "Midsummer Witchhunt", we are creating a 4 song music video, spanning the entire seasonal arc of the album "Mo Anam Cara". In essence, we will be creating a short film, which illustrates the 4 major season and Celtic pagan holidays.



Behind the scenes of "Midsummer Witch Hunt" 


Introduction to Mo Anam Cara

World of Death is a new Horror Web Series produced by Bloody Disgusting. The series features all manner of grisly, gory, and funny Horror Shorts; including Space Barbarians Productions "The Valiant Monster Hunters". You can check out our episode and the entire series on Bloody Disgustings Youtube Channel


Short Films and Music Videos

Film Music

Film music is such an important part of storytelling it enriches and heighten the viewers experience and allows a movie to vividly play back in your imagination even when you are not watching it.  Space Barbarians Productions, Matt Kollar and all the other incredible composers, bands and engineers we are honored to work with know the importance and the impact that music has on the viewer and we strive to not only create memorable Motion Pictures but also memorable Original Scores. Original music and our access to many different talented composers and musicians is one of the strongest aspects of our company.

Matt Kollar's Composer Reel